We’re walking the Camino de Santiago in June 2022. Come along with us!

Day 12: Arzua to O Pedrouzo

The official beer of the Camino?

Today was a relatively short day, all things considered. About 20 kilometers to O Pedrouzo, although lots of climbing in the first hour. I can’t figure it out; every time I look behind me, I see mountains, yet there’s always an ascent in front of me. There’s probably something more poetic to be said there, but that’s for better wordsmiths than I.

Today was another day of walking and gathering with the Camino Family. About halfway through, I met up with Kate from Scotland, Mark and Jo from the UK, Chris and Alexis from Wales, Alison from Canada and Sven … I’m not sure where he’s from, but he’s vegan. I was collected into the group and the kilometers melted away. Lots of talk about just about everything, and before we knew it, we were in O Pedrouzo. I wouldn’t call O Pedrouzo a pretty town, but it has pretty surroundings. (Also, this is by far the worst albergue I’ve stayed in, but that’s for the booking.com review)

I had dinner with the Italians – Margherite and Alessandro – and it was great. They’ve become good friends over the last week. With one day to go, the talk was all about a Santiago and the Camino itself. When are you leaving in the morning? What were some of your favorite places? Has the Camino changed you? Yeah, that last one, a biggie. I couldn’t tell you if the Camino has changed me at all, because I don’t know how I will behave out in the “real world.” But I can say for sure this is the most disconnected from the outside world I’ve ever been on any vacation. Yeah, Paula and I are blogging and I can actually text with people, but there’s still a major disconnect. Part of it is walking for 6-8 hours a day, but also, you become very close to these people. I will miss many of them. And it’s hit a little hard – even the last couple of days – that I probably won’t ever see these people again. I haven’t seen Henry and Yvette for a couple days now. Our friends from Foncebadon, Anika and Kate, are at least a day behind. Well, there are the Janets. I hope we always keep in touch with the Janets.

Tomorrow. Santiago. I’m about 18 kilometers from the cathedral, which is about 4-5 hours of walking. Lots of people are leaving extremely early to make the noon pilgrim’s mass. I’m planning on going to the Wednesday mass, so I’ll play tomorrow by ear. Can’t believe the walk ends tomorrow, but also, I miss Paula and am hopeful we can walk around the town a bit. Plus, there’s the tattoo. 😉

Buen Camino.



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