We’re walking the Camino de Santiago in June 2022. Come along with us!

Day 11.5: Bonus Blog! Also, Modesto reference!

During yesterday’s walk, I ran into two women from a group of 18 from Ohio. We’ve talked a lot with another couple from this same group. After we said where we were from, one of the women tells me, “I have a Modesto story!” and proceeded to tell it.

When she was in high school, she went to the UOP Volleyball Camp when John Dunning was killing it for the Tigers. Her plane had issues on the flight and was diverted to Casper, Wyoming before eventually getting to California. Everything was closed in Stockton, so her bus driver took her home to their house in Modesto and she stayed there. “John and Dora (or Dori) Benedino,” she said. “I still kept in touch with them until recently. Really nice people.”

Also, today is already sunny and warm. Going to be a sweaty one.


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