We’re walking the Camino de Santiago in June 2022. Come along with us!

Day 10. :-(

Fair warning, this is probably going to be a short post and nothing funny here. I’m gutted that Paula tested positive for Covid and I’m feeling incredibly guilty that I’m continuing on. In hindsight, it wasn’t just heat that knocked her on her butt yesterday. We’ve since discovered that her bunk mate in León had it while we were there. And, also in hindsight, I felt incredibly fatigued after I think Day 3 and it extended well into Day 4. So maybe I gave her Covid. I’m currently testing negative with zero symptoms. Should I test positive at any point moving forward, I’ll be on a taxi to Santiago to lie low with Paula until we’re able to move around again. The only reason I’m continuing is because I’m testing negative with no symptoms.

Our Camino has been a wild ride with so many ups and a few downs along The Way. And it will still be here if we choose to come back. And I’m honestly not sure how I’ll feel when I’m out there walking tomorrow. I did snap a few pictures of today’s walk, which was nice. They’re posted below.

Buen Camino.



One response to “Day 10. :-(”

  1. It’s a different kind of test now. Everyone is with you in spirit. I hope you can stay healthy and buoyed and still experience good things in your next few days. Sunscreen is your friend! It helps me to remind myself “It will be alright. It’s going to get better.” Deep breaths. You’re so close to finishing this journey!

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